20 facts about me
Thanks to @simone_gda for tagging me πŸ’‹
1. My name is Julia and my second is Isabel  (that’s the reason why my instaname is isalia, ISAbel mixed with juLIA) 
2. I’m 14 and in November I’ll be 15 :) 
3. I’m 6’1 ft tall and my shoe size is 13 (I’m big foot and chubbyπŸ˜‚) 
4. My eyes are blue and grey with a sparkle of green and brown
5. I can move my eyebrows and my eyebrows can change color between blond and dark brown (so weird πŸ˜‚) 
6. I love arts and crafts at school and history
7. My love is drawing since I could hold a pencil or brush. My grandpa was a great help 😘
8. I’m playing trombone and have played piano for 5 years
9. I love beaches especially in Ibiza or Mallorca 
10. I’m the procrastination and laziness king πŸ‘‘! 
11. I’m singing all day and all night and sometimes I annoy my friends with it :D
12. I love snorkeling 
13. My room is  a great mess…. 
14. My breakfast is always banana oatmeal :) 
15. Have 1 rabbit called Mini 
16. I’m an only child 😒
17. I love @zozeebo @kimbramusic @theclavinover (best YouTubers or musicians) 
18. At all, I love music, it’s my life ❀❀❀ I love soul, jazzy things, and “vintage” music 🎢 
19. I’m addicted to Instagram and Tumblr… I think :D
20. I have the best friends and followers of the World 🌍 πŸ’‹

I nominate: @amiliies @senfgruens_art @theselfiegallery @alelee_e
Goldmine - explanation of my drawing 

The dress is inspired by the lyrics of “goldmine” 
The eye over the breast with the hands is from the part “You can’t touch it with your both hands, you can’t find it with the third eye” 
I decided to make so long lashes because of the “you can’t find it”. The lashes show that someone will find it but he can’t. 

The skirt is inspired by the whole chorus and especially by the title “goldmine” 

Here you can see the whole lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/kimbra/goldmine.html 

I don’t write my whole meaning because some things are from me personally and should be secret. If you have some other ideas, just write them on Instagram in the comment box :) thecaveofficial
Last #wip of @zozeebo #zoella 
I just have to finish the #flower (#hibiscus) and the background :) 
Sry for the shadow on the #drawing of my hand :D
Shoes for my friend Katharina :) 
Copic Marker RV04 &  B24, Staedler Lumosoft, shoes from H&M
Should I sell shoes like those on the picture?
Greetings from Formentera :) It’s so pretty here and I think it’s like Caribbean Sea in Europe 🌞 It’s a drawing made on the beach 
I’ll answer to comments on Sunday when I’m home. Here,  I don’t have the time to do it :* I hope you understand me :*
(@zozeebo #zoella ) Zoe’s left hair side is finished :) 
It’s very beautiful here in #ibiza but the sun is dangerous πŸ˜‚ should I post a pic from here?
For the contest #artzyfood 
I made the tree from peanut butter, Nutella, tortillas, strawberries, cake and parsley. The clouds are sugar.  The grass is Nutella and the stream is from a kind of smarties. The girl is ketchup, the kite: Nutella, pepper and pretzel sticks. 

Do you like it?
#wip from my @zozeebo #zoella #drawing 
She’ll be a part of my “Back to the Roots” - series. The skin is ready now I’ll start the hair (sorry for the bad light) :)
A #drawing of @kimbramusic for celebrating her great new album #thegoldenecho 

It’s I think 2 months old and I’ve never posted it but I thought now it’s the right time :)
#Sketching…  Who is it?